PRINTUP INSTITUTE: Printed electronics for Healthcare

Tuesday 16 January saw the PRINTUP INSTITUTE
Printed electronics for healthcare

Hospital practitioners presented new monitoring tools in various sectors:
• The development of an easy-to-use device to monitor eye temperature, heart rate and perspiration levels in real time.
• The development of instrumented occlusal splints designed by additive manufacturing for bruxism.
• A new diabetes detection system for early childhood.
• A future device for detecting volatile organic compounds.

Printed electronics manufacturers presented a wide range of healthcare applications. At a round table, French manufacturers discussed the current state of the industry, the advantages of this technology, the challenges of producing printed devices for healthcare and the role of PRINTUP INSTITUTE, an innovation accelerator. Three start-ups in the sector presented their innovations. Research into printing technologies was also on show.

Finally, a presentation on the medical devices market rounded off the day.

See you on 22 January 2025 at the PRINTUP INSTITUTE day

Printed electronics for the design and production of medical devices

PRINTUP INSTITUTE is a project led by a research team within the ITODYS laboratory of the Université Paris Cité Aspecialized in the formulation of specific inks and in printing processes. This team has developed over time recognized expertise in the field of printed electronics. The development of the institute is focused on health applications:

Telemedicine - Point of Care

Reusable equipment: home breathing aids, probes, etc.
Connected equipment and products: telemedicine and e-health devices

Skin patches - Connected biosensors - In Vitro Diagnostics

Consumables, implantables, single-use or individual materials:
defibrillators, implantable orthopedic prostheses, wound monitoring devices, dressings, ..

Remote information

Authentication, traceability, remote information

image chaîne de valeur électronique imprimée pour la santé Printup Institute

The PRINTUP INSTITUTE: a new technological concept

PRINTUP INSTITUTE aims to develop a value chain of PRINTED ELECTRONICS FOR HEALTH, from molecular research to the supply of medical devices for health professionals. The institute structures, animates and develops this network with synergies associating the scientific and technological expertise of the ITODYS laboratory – Université Paris Cité, Faculté des Sciences, health laboratories (potential application providers) and the support of a set of industrial partners throughout the value chain.

Research & Platform

Biomolecular systems / Designing printed sensors / Basic research: from the state-of-the art to TRL 1 and 2 / Applied research: TRL 3 to 5 for functional devices Provision of personnel and equipment / Micro and nano-molecular formulation / Printing and characterization / Small-scale demonstrators


Telemedicine - Point of Care - Skin patches - Connected biosensors - In Vitro Diagnostics - Remote information

image industrie d'électronique imprimée Printup Institute


Electronic design / Component development / IOT system integration / Large-scale demonstrators / Device production

The key roles of PRINTUP INSTITUTE are

image les rôles essentiels de Printup Institute
  • Boost partnership research (services, collaborations),
  • Develop innovations in cooperation between science, health and industry,
  • Produce medical devices,
  • Offer specific professional training,
  • Set up a club of industrial partners with events, workshops and intelligence sharing.



Professional training in printed electronics and health: a set of technical/practical and theoretical training courses at three levels to train technicians, researchers or engineers in printing technologies, in modern approaches to sensor development, in the potential outlets for these devices, and in the regulatory aspects of biomedical applications.


Foresight, setting up of European projects, international representation.


Organization of workshops and events Research – Industry – Health Professionals, market and scientific monitoring, stands at trade shows, representation in the media of the sector.


The Institute's partners club

Half-days for Club members – Dedicated time for partners


MEDINOV CONNEXION salon professionnel pour la santé


- Booth 58/59 -
April 3 - 4, 2024

Lyon - Congress Center
The unmissable Medtech event at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem for medical device players.


Thursday 11 April, 2024
Defining the institute's
objectives strategy - programming and
deployment actions.


Thursday 4 june, 2024
Lyon - Congress Center
of the innovative start-up day medical
device start-up day

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