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The activities of the PRINTUP INSTITUTE technology platform aim at developing new applications and products in the field of printed electronics dedicated to the health sector.
Plateforme technologique de PRINTUP INSTITUTE : Électronique imprimée par DMD 100 de KELENN TECHNOLOGIE

The PRINTUP INSTITUTE technological platform gathers a set of equipment dedicated to printed electronics for the realization of medical devices.

With many functionalities, it is an ideal tool for the formulation of functional inks, printing and characterization of devices and printed systems on different substrates (textile, plastic, paper, …).
Its essential role is to facilitate the study and formulation of functional inks, the development and optimization of processes and their industrial transfer, the realization of prototypes and pre-series for new applications.
It provides the skills and know-how of multidisciplinary researchers and technicians (chemistry, physics, biotechnologies, biomedical sciences) and dedicated equipment.

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The PRINTUP INSTITUTE technological platform

PRINTUP INSTITUTE technology platform - product development process - TRL technological maturity

At all stages of product development, the expertise of bioelectronics researchers and the know-how of multidisciplinary teams meet the demands of designing new medical devices.

The PRINTUP INSTITUTE technology platform dedicated to printed electronics is open to all types of collaboration or service provision, both to academics and to companies. It hosts start-ups that need formulations, surface treatments, digital deposition and characterization to realize complex printed devices and systems.

In printed electronics, it is essential for the proper functioning of the components to have a highly homogenous conductivity of the material over its entire surface. The material deposit must therefore be perfectly uniform; the thickness of the ink film, the type of substrate, the resolution, the pressure, the production speed are all elements to be parameterized.

The platform’s scientific expertise is essentially dedicated to 2D printing: inkjet, screen printing, evaporation and electrical, electrochemical and microscopic characterization.

The researchers have also strong know-how in the field of sensors: electrochemical, amperometric, impedimetric or electronic sensors. The service ranges from feasibility to prototyping and small series demonstrators.

The multidisciplinary team of the bioelectronics platform develops numerous collaborative projects, whether in biology (medical biosensors, cell sorting & characterization), in the environment (electrochemical sensors) or in energy (thermoelectric generators).

Today, several companies, start-ups and institutions are developing their projects through collaborations or services on the platform.

The PRINTUP INSTITUTE technological platform provides experts and/or dedicated bioelectronic equipment. Services are available on an ad hoc or permanent basis, from one hour to one week.

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plateforme technologique de PRINTUP INSTITUTE
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