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PRINTUP INSTITUTE provides experts and/or equipment dedicated to printing electronic components. The platform is open to all types of collaboration or service provision, for both academics and companies. After an in-depth feasibility study of the projects, services can be provided on an ad hoc or permanent basis, from one hour to a week.

For more information: lylian.challier@printupinstitute.fr

Climatic control >> MEDCENTER CLIMACELL climatic chamber

The CLIMACELL climatic chambers, with forced air circulation, cooling and controlled humidity, provide all the conditions required for accurate, reproducible simulation of different climatic conditions. These units offer an attractive alternative to relatively expensive test chambers. The humidification and dehumidification system and the very powerful lighting system guarantee homogeneous test and growth parameters.

Weight measurement >> Precision balance METTLER TOLEDO

A precision balance is an accurate and robust weighing instrument with a capacity ranging from 120 g to 64 kg and a display accuracy ranging from 1 g to 0.1 mg. Precision balances are used in a variety of applications in laboratory and manufacturing environments, including sample and standard preparation, formulation, statistical quality control and counting.

Ultrasonic cleaning >> ELMA

Robust, durable ultrasonic cleaners with individually adjustable multi-frequencies for intensive and gentle cleaning. Two functions: ‘Degas’ function for fast, efficient degassing of the cleaning fluid, ‘Sweep’ function for improved sound field distribution and cleaning.

Microfluidics >> FLUID

The Flow EZTM system is capable of ensuring pressure-controlled flow. The compact device is self-contained close to the microfluidic setup, allowing the user to minimise the use of bench space without the need for a PC. It is operational and generates data quickly.

Air Displacement Pipettes >> GILSON PIPETMAN

GILSON PIPETMAN air displacement pipettes provide precise control for volume transfers of samples (viscous, volatile, contaminated, hot or cold liquids) and reagents, ensuring reproducible results. PIPETMAN CLASSIC is an air displacement pipette with infinitely variable volume control. The tips work like a syringe so that pipetting accuracy and results are not affected by the properties of the sample.

Die-cutting >> GRAPHTEC CE6000-PLUS

The GRAPHTEC CE6000-PLUS cutting plotter is equipped with a sensor for markers detection and dotted cutting for the production of a separation line between labels or the production of packaging prototypes.

Benchtop centrifuge >> HETTICH ROTENTA 460R

High-capacity refrigerated centrifuge. This high-performance centrifuge is suitable for high-throughput laboratories as it accommodates a wide variety of blood collection tubes. A single rotor handles a variety of tubes, vials, bottles, blood bags and plates. No time is wasted changing rotors.

Probe station >> SUSS MICROTEC PM5

The SUSS PM5 is the most cost-effective, simple and highly accurate probe station for wafers and substrates up to 150 mm. Application flexibility is ensured for DC and HF measurements, device and wafer characterisation testing (DWC), failure analysis (FA), sub-micron probing, MEMS and opto-electronic engineering testing.

Ozone cleaning >> UVOCS cleaning system

The UV/Ozone cleaning process is a simple, low-cost and fast method of achieving ultra-clean surfaces, free from organic contaminants on most inorganic surfaces, such as quartz, silicon, gold, nickel, aluminium, gallium arsenide, alumina… This process is ideal for the deposition of thin films with excellent adhesion to the substrate. Ultra-clean surfaces are easily achieved by UV/Ozone in one or more minutes after cleaning by conventional techniques.

Portable microscope >> DINO-LITE

DINO-LITE portable digital microscopes come with a professional software suite for capturing images and video at up to 500x magnification. The built-in measurement functionality, with the option of calibration, enables precise measurements of all kinds (line, circle, angles, polygons, etc.). The built-in, fully adjustable polariser reduces reflections and image glare.

Adhesion test kit >> CC3000

This kit provides a simple method of assessing the adhesion of a paint or coating to its substrate.  To do this, two series of perpendicular incisions are precisely traced using a calibrated blade. After meticulous brushing and application of a standardised adhesive, examination of the grid pattern enables the quality of the ink’s adhesion to its substrate to be assessed. These grid adhesion tests are described in the ISO 2409 and ASTM D3359 standards.

Thermal annealing - Thermal control >> MEMMERT UN30 universal oven

Precision drying, heating, steaming, ageing, baking, testing and curing in research, science and industry. This easy-to-clean stainless steel oven meets all expectations in terms of ventilation and regulation technology, protection against over-temperature and ultra-precise heating.

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