PRINTUP INSTITUTE can provide experts and/or equipment dedicated to the design and fabrication of printed electronic components. The platform is open to all types of collaboration or service provision, for both academic and industrial partners. After an in-depth feasibility study of the projects, services can be provided on an ad hoc or permanent basis, from a few hours to several weeks.

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Chemical synthesis laboratory

The platform has expertise in the synthesis of organic and inorganic compounds. The equipment available includes all the glassware and synthesis equipment normally used in chemical synthesis, a Biotage Isolera One flash chromatography system coupled to a Spektra UVVisible detector for automated purification of synthesis reaction mixtures ranging from a few milligrams to several grams, an INERT purification system to obtain anhydrous solvents, a PARR hydrogenator equipped with a stirring system (up to 4 bars) and an ANTON PARR Monovawe 300 microwave oven.

Planetary mixer >> SOUDOTIQUE ZYMC 180HV

The ZYMC 180HV vacuum planetary mixer, based on an epicycloidal movement, produces homogeneous mixtures. It enables multi-component products to be centrifuged, mixed and degassed quickly, without the need for tools in contact with the products, and with simplified cleaning.

Container capacity: 350 ml – Working capacity: 100 ml/150g.

Surface tension meter >> KIBRON AQUAPI

The battery-operated KIBRON AQUAPI portable tensiometer measures surface tension quickly and easily. Tension range: (10 – 100 mN/m).

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