PRINTUP INSTITUTE supports your research and innovation projects through three specific services:
Marketing Institute – International Foresight – Professional Training

Marketing institut

PRINTUP INSTITUTE aims to support innovation in the “printed electronics – health” ecosystem and become a driver of growth and jobs. Thus, the institute promotes the emergence of collaborative R&D projects and offers a range of services to combine innovation and performance.

PRINTUP INSTITUTE offers Club members a monitoring solution for the medical device sector in order to meet the needs of the partners of the Printed Electronics – Health Institute.
A market and a scientific monitoring on a national and international scale will be available on the Institute’s intranet.

Market monitoring
. Identification of new players entering the market
. Relevance of the information detected
. Time saving when sorting and selecting information
. Knowledge of alliances and partnerships in the territories
. Identification of new actors in order to establish partnerships

Scientific monitoring
. Regular summaries of scientific publications on the Printed Electronics – Health sector
. Latest technological advances in the laboratory
. Follow-up of the progress thanks to scientific publications in order to imagine new applications

PRINTUP INSTITUTE is committed to providing information and national and international representation to researchers and industrialists.

Practitioners – Researchers – Industrialists Days
Days by medical specialty are organized to promote exchanges between health professionals, researchers and industrialists in order to define the expectations of the health sector and produce new products on the market.

The institute will develop its visibility in the health sector: stands at trade fairs, institutional day in Paris, presence on professional networks, representation in the sector’s media…

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Marketing institut - Outils de veille technologique et communication push and pull


International Foresight

To enlighten our ecosystem on the major trends, the major uncertainties, the main risks, the future challenges, the strategies with their respective advantages and disadvantages, PRINTUP INSTITUTE is committed to providing an international prospective.

Les services de PRINTUP INSTITUTE - Prospective Internationale - Une ambition européenne stratégique et opérationnelle

Foresight, which is closely linked to monitoring, consists of searching for relevant information to feed the foresight reflection. This information concerns the evolution of our lifestyles, technological progress, and the changes taking place in emerging countries.

Our recognized expertise in functional ink formulations, sensors, biosensors, and energy generation and storage facilitates our involvement in international projects.

PRINTUP INSTITUTE is going to participate in many conferences specialized in printed electronics and bioelectronics.

Present in Europe at LOPEC, Munich and TECHBLICK, Berlin, the institute will keep abreast of new printing equipment, the latest technologies and applications.

Present at NANOTEXNOLOGY, Thessaloniki, PRINTUP INSTITUTE will develop partnerships with the actors of the research on this technology at the service of health.

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Printed Electronics & Health Professional Training

Functional ink printing represents a true revolution in the design and manufacture of electronic devices dedicated to health.

Printing is a fast and economical way to functionalize surfaces in a localized and directed manner. The most common techniques, inkjet and screen printing, provide lateral resolutions of a few hundred micrometers, but other state-of-the-art printing techniques reach sub-micrometers.

The functional inks are conductive or semiconductive, metallic or plastic, can be deposited on rigid or flexible substrates… The printed components range from passive components (capacitors, resistors) or simple conductive tracks to active components (antennas, transistors), or even thin film batteries.

These printing technologies provide significant added value in active medical devices (chemical or physical sensors) because they can be used for small series at low fixed costs, and provide custom functionalities, including printing of biomolecules (antibodies or enzymes).



Surfaces functionalized in this way range from silicon wafers to thin, conformable plastic sheets, or even paper, and constitute the basic element of the device, for example a pressure, pH, temperature or gas composition sensor, or even a sensor capable of analyzing and quantifying biomarkers.

In order to integrate these technologies, it is necessary to train technicians, researchers and engineers on printing technologies, on modern approaches to sensor development, on the potential outlets for these devices and on the regulatory aspects related to biomedical applications.

PRINTUP INSTITUTE offers a range of training courses at three levels: Technical – Practical – Theoretical.

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Formation professionnelle Électronique imprimée & Santé
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